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theres an anime where they use tarot cards do you know it?

Nope! Card captor sakura uses Clow cards that are styled after tarot! Kero teaches her how to use them for predictions in a simple tarot spread. 

I’m sorry im not much help!! Has anyone else seen an anime with Tarot?

Please say 5 positive things about yourself, then once you’ve posted this publicly, pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers xxx
one. i love my eyes. two. i think im a very caring person. three. i love giving advice to friends in trouble. four. i got a great butt. five. i try to never judge others 

Perfect family


When your friends are all online at the same time



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Guess what I did todayyy

So I went to a bonfire last night and was hit in the head with a bag of wood. I don’t think I’ve ever been that country before.

OOTD: youreyeslie dress is everything I’ve ever loved

I want to make boys weep and girls question their sexuality

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Lolita meetup at Clara’s and I loved this so much