Pool Party Leona!

Photographer: swoz (tumblr)  

Cosplayer: Pastelm00n (tumblr)



me too, Arya, me tooooo

This whole scene is golden.

yup. thats the stuff.

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When you want to make a joke but don’t know the other person well enough to do it


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Adorable Vintage Kitchens

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r u a cigarette bc u have a hot butt. idk im a horse.

Marry me stranger  

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black and red U_U


Black: 1 fact about the person I like.

my girlfriend is adorable and short and a cute elf khaleesi queen

Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).

ayu (monomiis) we have been friends for 10+ years and she is the sweetest most reliant person i know

alex (pastelm00n) we met at a speed dating thing at an anime convention and shes super cute and badass

jackie (princesschigusa) also met at a speed dating thing at a con and she is probably the funniest person i know who also has super cute face

gary (my brother) is a month younger than me and we just met like around February and he is now one of my best friends

last but not least girlfriend - again the cutest tiniest little nerd with beautiful eyes and i love her uvu

aww youre sucha cutie patootie pie


League of Legends: Pool Party Leona

Cosplayer: Pastelm00n

Photography by: Sparksritorno

Going to delete all the content on my blog and start all over again soon.

Youre actually kind of cute ;) !