I was looking into my backgrounds folder and figured I should share a few! I do not own ANY of these nor did I make them!

Made these tassels for my room today :))

For me I think see through bags are bad for me. Mainly cause I don't like people seeing my stuff. Maybe multi colored bags? Or something that is transparent colored or opaque?

I’m mimicking the Chanel Vinyl bags but smaller. If its not youre taste thats coolio!!! Thanks!


Punk Patch Jacket For Sale


YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


YAY HI LOVES!! This video is just a little show and tell vid on my patch jacket and how radical it is! So easy to make! Will have a funn DIY on how to make your own up next week!!


Jacket can be found sold on my !


Dita Von Teese by Ruven Afanador for Elle UK, November 2005

My life is trash rn. I have 0 dollars. I am highly frustrated.


I love you boo


Navy Collar Swimsuit

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Hihi. I went through your blog trying to see if you've answered this previously, but I couldn't. :c So in fear of bothering you, I'll apologize in advance. The kawaii cosplay gun, how did you make it?

I made it by sanding down my gun/priming and painting it. Then I used decoden to decorate my gun. I have a decoden tutorial on my YouTube: pastelm00n

Toukyo Kushu Main Characters

Rize Kamishiro, Kaneki Ken, Tsukiyama Shuu, & Kirishima Touka

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my screen shot

okay, so i know i've asked about your jacket before, but i just wanted to know: do you have any tips for sewing on patches so that they're secure, won't fray around the edges, and won't break in the wash?

What I do is use nice thick thread with pretty colours. Run it through a sewing machine first then cover up those stitches with that thick colourful thread using had stitching. You can see that in my photos. Maybe I’ll make a tutorial!!!